Relationships. Insight. Growth.
The MMC Promise

Building Relationships. Providing Insight. Delivering Growth. That's what we DO.

For more than 27 years, Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc. has delivered on one promise – to listen to our clients, understand their challenges, and provide insight on how to grow their businesses.

It all starts with a challenge. “What’s the best way to …”

MMC is in the business of growth – but we’ve amplified the traditional definition. Not only are we focused on share, sales, cash flow and earnings … we’re focused on growth in knowledge, partnerships, customer satisfaction, accessibility, actionable data; and focused on achieving deeper, more trusted relationships.

How? Quite simply, Connected Intelligence. It’s a collaborative connection of MMC’s people, processes and technology; our clients’ resources, and those of their channels and customers; and our third-party specialists.

Relationships. Insight. Growth. Tap into our promise.

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It’s never been easier to connect with MMC’s Challenger Team – our network of professionals and industry partners collaborates with your team, and provides strategic insights and growth options.

Even if you’re not a current client, give us a try.

Tell us a situation you’re facing. Let us, confidentially and quickly, come back to you with options for growth that you may not have considered. If our options don’t fit … no problem. We’ve both learned. If they are a fit, and if MMC can help you grow… then those insights are our gift to you.

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