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Modern Marketing Concepts builds teams of dedicated client and
industry experts who are proud to be called partners, and proud to be owners of the company.

We’re looking for people eager to make a difference; committed to giving back — to fellow employees, our communities, and our clients. And we’re seeking team members who embody and embrace our 5 key values:

read, listen, watch, emulate, try, test, fail, simulate, experiment, ask — a life-long journey, not a destination
the big, the small, the stretch, the effort, the intent, the achievement, the potential — people need to feel important
Give Back
to clients, co-workers, partners, communities; when others aren’t watching; when it’s unpopular — just make a positive difference
Be Accessible
own your day; take the initiative, accept direction, speak up, listen acutely, own your deliverables, seek feedback — be the steward of your career
Embrace Ownership
lead with compassion, follow with respect, bring your best, admit anything less and move on, balance your life, patiently understand delays but patiently urge for solutions. Always listen… and then ask ‘why’?

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If you want a career that’s rewarding, challenging and
mission-critical … and in the process, if you want to have fun -
be a part of growing MMC!

Opportunities Abound

“I joined MMC in June 2012 and started as an inside sales representative; then was promoted to associate sales manager, where I split my time between selling and coaching/managing a team of reps. I had selling experience prior to joining MMC, but healthcare was a new field for me. After participating in MMC’s extensive training programs, and getting familiar with the healthcare industry, I was offered a position at a client of MMC’s — as a territory coordinator in San Francisco. MMC is a great company for giving me this opportunity to learn, get hands-on management experience, and the ability to further my career.”
Tom Burgh
STEP Program Graduate, November 2013

“I joined MMC in the fall of 2011, looking to make a career change to medical device sales. I didn’t have any industry experience, but I was eager to learn, hard-working and focused — and MMC saw my potential. I served as a sales account representative, where I benefited from intense training. When I was given the opportunity to interview with MMC’s client company, I took a chance. I’m now based in Atlanta, where I’m a sales representative for a global medical technology company. And after only two months on the job, my supervisor said, “I’m surprised you know so much!” Without the training and support MMC provided, I wouldn’t be here.”
Stephen Idahosa
STEP Program Graduate, July 2013

“After college graduation, I accepted a position with MMC, working with one of its advanced wound care clients. Though I had no formal medical background, MMC offered phenomenal training that allowed me to excel in my field. When I decided to apply for a job directly with the client, my contacts there were beyond impressed with my knowledge of their products, and my acquired credentials. I was hired in March 2013 as a Territory Coordinator, working out of New York City.It’s MMC’s commitment to excellence that allowed me to smoothly transition to my next career step.”
Keenan Dowd, RMSR™
STEP Program Graduate, March 2013

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