Connected Intelligence

How MMC drives growth

Our connected intelligence framework is designed to transform inside sales by translating customer insights into measurable results.

We start with your existing data to analyze customers’ behaviors and plan new sales strategies. Our full suite of services enables us to execute and optimize growth as an extension of your inside sales team, continuously improving results.


Channel 80/20

MMC's core technologies explained

Our 80/20 Channel is the foundation for our model. It's how we create growth from overlooked customer segments.

Using several core technologies, MMC challenges the traditional 80/20 paradigm. We identify opportunities to engage the bottom 80% of our clients’ customers, transforming them from declining revenue sources to new drivers of growth. No investment in technology or platforms, and no hiring or training required. Let us create a custom demo for your organization and show you what Channel 80/20 can do for your business.

Learn more about each step of the process

  • 01. DATA

    MMC utilizes existing client data, company-owned data and third-party data, to create and continuously update a "golden record," master database for each customer.

    • Cleanup / Parsing
      • Extract
      • Manual Scrubbing
    • Hygiene
      • Field Mapping
      • Analyzing trends in data
      • Processes
    • Matching
      • Transform
    • Loading
      • Outputs
    • Campaign Setup


    Our team of data scientists and experts extract and categorize data to reveal patterns across transactions, customer behaviors and demographics to help clients sell smarter and get ahead.

    • Prescriptive
      • Optimization
      • Simulation
      • Targeting
    • Descriptive
      • Reporting
      • Business Intelligence
      • Segmentation
    • Predictive
      • Forecasting
      • Modeling
      • Classification
    • Loading
      • Outputs
    • Campaign Setup

  • 03. STRATEGY

    MMC strategists and account teams work with each client to personalize a strategy that will optimize their growth. We focus, train, and execute our TERO Methodology.

    • Targeting
      • Lead scoring
      • Segmentation
        • Profiling
        • Buyer persona
        • Value
        • Opportunity
    • Engagement
      • Channels
      • Content
      • Messaging
    • Responsiveness
      • Unplanned programming
      • Triggered based reactions
    • Optimization
      • Reallocating resources to better plan for the future
      • Leveraging what we've learned for greater outcomes

  • 04. CREATIVE

    Our creative team acts as a brand ambassador for each client, leveraging in-house, client-side, and third-party designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams, and marketers to oversee and execute the creative process for all campaigns and channels.

    • Copywriters
    • Designers
    • Creative Directors
    • Art Directors
    • Project managers
    • Compliance
    • Photography
    • Videography


    MMC builds, hires, and trains teams to become an extension of the client's sales channel, utilizing the same brand, training, and integrated systems focusing on the brand experience and positive outcomes.

    • National account coverage
    • Vacant territory
    • Account Based Management
    • In servicing
    • Channel education
    • Channel promotion
    • Cross sell/upsell
    • Retention
    • Sales Assist within client sales teams
    • Product Selling


    We bridge online and offline channels to deliver consistent and meaningful customer interactions through digital multi-channel execution.

    • Websites
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Digital ads
      • Native
      • Pre-roll
      • Targeted
    • Targeted Ad Displays
    • Text
    • Social
    • Brand Listening

  • 07. SUPPORT

    Customer service before, during, and after a purchase to ensure our client's brand experience is consistent throughout the client life cycle.

    • Lead Management
    • Product Training
    • Inservice
    • Customer issue/resolution
    • Quoting
    • Channel education


    We look from all aspects to improve the marketing efforts of an organization, in an attempt to maximize desired business outcomes.

    • Predicting sales pipeline value
    • Optimal resource sales planning
    • Marketing revenue attribution
    • Ideal marketing program mixes
    • Sales performance reporting
    • Complete life cycle
    • Robust reporting

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