MMC Community & Values

An investment
in your future

We recognize that the entire idea of work is being reinvented before our eyes. Success isn't determined by office hours or utilization reports; it's in the faces of our clients when they see our results. MMC is committed to finding great people and providing an environment that lets them be great by removing obstacles to success and reinventing growth for our people in meaningful ways, every day.

The MMC Core Values

More than just words on a wall, these are the guiding principles
that govern how we align, how we build, and how we relate.

Trust in teams

We work with transparency and honesty across our disciplines and solve problems with a 360-degree perspective. We acknowledge and respect the value that each individual brings to the whole. Together, we become more than the sum of our parts.

Moving as one

We're at our best when we’re driving towards the same goal. As a team, we tackle the tough questions first to align on shared objectives and anticipate hurdles. We design, test, and refine solutions quickly in order to deliver high impact results.

Perpetual progress

We believe that there’s always a better way. We challenge assumptions and hunt for the “aha” moments until we find them. We refuse to settle for ourselves, our teams, and our clients. We take risks and continuously learn from them.

People with drive and passion

We inspire and support one another to find and cultivate our strengths. When we’re at our best as individuals, we bring our best to each other and our clients. We stay curious to learn new things about ourselves, our business, and the world around us.

MMC Personality

Our personality attributes are the key drivers of the MMC community. They are our essence and influence all the ways we communicate and present our promise to our customers and the world.


We speak our mind. We stand by our word. We welcome challenges. We look ahead.


We're insightfully optimistic and we take every opportunity to illuminate and enlighten.


Our approach is warm, welcoming and engaging. We live for the free flow of ideas.

Join our growth team!

We are lifelong learners, equipping one another with the tools and resources to continuously grow.