Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc. is a sales optimization company that is changing the way the world markets and sells. Our true strength comes from our exceptional and unique employees – having gathered some of the best talent from across the US.

From our original team in 1986, we now have over 30 company years of experience in marketing and sales. Our industry specific knowledge has positioned MMC as a trusted advisor, providing stability and growth for MMC and our 300+ employees.

Each day our team surprises and delights us with their forward thinking, vision for how we can push technology to bring success to our clients and encouragement among one another. We are truly a team. We Are MMC.



Learning and training is a cornerstone of our mission of being a truly exceptional employer. To give our employees the opportunity to learn and grow, and to give clients access to the best talent, we created MMC’s Learning University and have partnered with organizations and experts in the fields in which we work.

We start off by providing sales training to expand the selling and relationship building skills of our team – giving our employees the opportunity to grow their skills and earn professional certifications. Other programs in industry training provide federally certified and accredited training that will ensure the long term growth and understanding of our team.

Our Leadership Development Program provides monthly sessions with a leadership coach that focuses on building supervisory skills, as well as collaboration, innovation, teamwork, and management. Lastly, long term career training through our STEP program of career “stepping stones” where employees gain experience at MMC to prepare them for potential careers within our clients’ organizations. (see more here).


Modern Marketing Concepts greatly appreciates the effort and successes of our employees, and we strive to recognize everything that they do for our clients and for our company. Of course, results are always important, and we reward our employees through the usual methods – but we think that the big, the small, the stretch, the effort, the intent, the achievement, and the potential are all critical to our success.

Through our Recognition Task Force and our intranet Recognition Blog, we keep constant track of the great things our employees are doing – and make sure they are rewarded and appreciated for it.


At MMC we believe that an important part of running a business is giving back to the communities in which we operate, and to the world as a whole. As a sample of what we’ve accomplished:

MMC created the Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge, which allows high school students to develop ideas and businesses that directly impact the community. Students form teams, work with local mentors, write comprehensive business plans, and present their ideas at a final competition. The winning team receives funds that can be used towards college costs or to open up their own businesses. We believe that young people can change the world, one idea at a time.(

Both MMC and individual employees raise funds for charitable organizations. We participate in food drives, blood drives, mentoring programs, school tutoring, elder companionship…and much more. MMC employee-owners share a commitment to making our communities stronger, healthier, and better places to live and work.


Openness and accessibility are key for our employees and for our clients. Our executive team are very hands-on and are always available to discuss new ideas, problems that arise, or anything in between. Our owner’s email sign off of “Call, email, text, smoke signals – 24/7” has become an unofficial motto of accessibility for every employee.

We value new, creative, and innovative ideas – from everyone within the company. We have custom-built an intranet system for this purpose, and hold competitions where every employee can submit and vote on new ideas that we want to implement – our own personal crowdsourced solution system.

Not only are we accessible to our employees, but also to our clients. We don’t simply work for our clients — we become true partners, integrating all of our resources, technology, and talents into their team to produce real growth.



MMC believes that every individual is an owner of their health, their career and their success. Competitive salaries, job enhancement opportunities, alumni programs and industry certifications are just some of the tools MMC uses to engage employees and create a sense of individual agency in the company.

We also offer an industry-leading retirement vehicle composed of the 401K Safe Harbor Basic Match and discretionary profit sharing to inspire a sense of ownership in each employee. An employee’s ability to directly benefit from the financial success of a company is a prime motivator, and fosters a workplace environment built around job ownership and innovation. This is how MMC creates a culture that embraces change, challenges the status quo and disrupts the market.



Our success is truly due to our

Exceptional people


Executive Leadership

Client Strategy


Client Delivery


Connected Services


Corporate Operations


Market Engagement & Development