For more than 30 years, we’ve become our clients’ trusted Alternative Sales Channel, managing billions of dollars annually by cost-effectively building relationships that extend reach, reduce attrition, and service long-tail customers.

The Challenge:

It’s an economic impossibility for traditional field sales forces to cover all accounts

93% of revenue comes from 7% of customers

Two thirds of a sales rep’s day is spent on non-selling activity

80% of our clients are from 1/2 their sales organization

Fewer than 10 accounts generate more than 80% of a field rep’s revenue

The Solution:

MMC provides the great people, process, and technology to drive success with a three-step, turnkey solution. Beginning and ending with data, we build the relationships that grow sales and enhance brands.

We Manage Data to the “Golden Record”

First, we use our client’s existing data, aggregated from past purchase history, customer service interactions, and ERP systems. MMC’s Data Teams create a valuable Master Channel Database that is used to deliver quality and relevant content that enhances the customer and brand experience across all assigned accounts.

Building Authentic Two-Way Communication and Relationships

Next, MMC’s Client Performance Teams become an extension of your field sales forces and existing channels—reaching customers far beyond traditional means.

Customers are already more than half way through the buying cycle before they approach a sales rep.

Engagement requires 8.5 touches across three distinct channels.

Our partnership with clients, and their powerful and influential brand assets, allows us to integrate data with strategy, analytics, and technology—delivering messaging that include offers, cross-selling, training, education and awareness.

Turning Relationships into Revenue & Commerce

Lastly, with the database built, our customer relationships get assigned to tiers that support all channels with measured results.


The top tier customer base is optimized by “Air Support.” Customers receive Omni-Channel messaging to support current field sales teams.

The middle tier of customers is “Co-Managed.” Inside sales teams manage accounts alongside field sales—and supported by Omni-Channel messaging.

The remaining tier, the largest group of customers, is managed end-to-end by the full weight of MMC’s integrated 80/20 solutions.