Save time and money on customer training
Let us conduct your in-services online

Now you can educate your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site in-services. Using the latest web and video technologies (including GoPro cameras), we run live, remote in-services through video chat to demonstrate the use of your product – all without stepping a foot in a facility.


Virtual In-services can be used for:
Training: Educate your current customers how to properly use your product on a patient
Demos: Show new or potential customers how your product works
Troubleshooting: Help your customers tackle product issues to help improve patient outcomes

A more flexible, cost-effective solution to medical device in-service presentations

Through virtual in-servicing, we are able to educate your customers to use your products at a fraction of the cost of on-site programs. We use the latest web technologies to run remote in-services to demonstrate the use of your product and ensure that your customers are comfortable with them – all without stepping a foot in a facility.

Reach more customers for less

Virtual In-services cost less and allow you to reach more customers than on-site in-service programs. Since our clinical educators don’t need to travel to facilities, we can perform more in-services throughout the day without the added travel costs.



Our Virtual In-service clinical educators go through rigorous product training so they can teach your customers to use your products properly. Many are nurses themselves and have experience working in the clinical space.


Our clinical educators are able to be virtually “in the room” with your customers. They’ll be able see the demo as it happens and ask questions any time during the in-service. Our clinical educators tailor the sessions to your customers’ specific needs.


Your customers don’t just work 9-5 – and neither do we. Virtual In-services can be scheduled when your customers are available, whether it’s first, second, or third shift. Sessions can be scheduled ahead of time or on-demand if a product issue arises.


Sessions are scheduled directly by your customers using online appointment scheduling software, which automatically provides email and text reminders so they won’t miss an appointment. The software also lets your customers reschedule when needed, even at a moment’s notice.


All your customers need to view a Virtual In-service is a phone and an internet-connected device such as a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. An Ethernet connection is recommended for optimal performance. Virtual In-services can be projected to a large group or done one-on-one at a desk.

What customers are saying

“I think that this type of training should be the norm not the exception. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and answered every question we had.”

“I liked that Skype was used instead of just watching slides so you could ask questions while you were doing the procedures.”

“The instructor was very skilled and was able to make the experience easy to understand.”

“I liked the visualization of the demo and the enthusiasm of the instructor.”


See how we helped an advanced wound care client grow its revenue through Virtual In-servicing.


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