Next Action Platform

We use our Enterprise Next Action Platform to optimize presale, sale,
and post sale to produce measurable growth for our clients.

We provide true insights into your data, understanding patterns and trends to provide effective programs and measurable results.
A digital platform where every campaign lands. Provides sales messaging, up-sell, cross sell, and custom tailored information about the product or service.
A team of exceptional people that allows us to execute flawlessly - decreasing cost and increasing return.
We take the guesswork out of creating marketing programs by testing each campaign to ensure effectiveness and growth.
We handle all aspects of post-sale to ensure maximum value: product registration, warranty and entitlements, product servicing and loyalty programs.
MMC partners with and purchases information and data from third party companies to reach more contacts and further drive sales.
A catalog of our clients' assets that allows us to gather content once and use to launch targeted messaging thousands of times.
A database that allows us to integrate our clients' data from multiple sources and make the data usable.